To improve access and quality of rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in developing countries.

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than one billion people with disabilities around the world, with most living in developing countries with little or no access to rehabilitation (ie: occupational, physical and speech therapy). GOTHERAPY’s mission is encapsulated in our name – we want to go to the most  vulnerable communities around the world and advocate for access to rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. We achieve our mission by developing and implementing volunteer service projects to serve a dual purpose of providing rehabilitation services to people with disabilities and equipping local healthcare providers with the skills and training required to rehabilitate their community. With our burning desire to generate change, GOTHERAPY will have an invaluable impact on the lives of so many.


To be recognized as a global leader in the design and implementation of innovative, effective, sustainable, and culturally unifying rehabilitation systems.

GOTHERAPY was founded by Ms. Baker’s desire for all people to live meaningful and productive lives regardless of injury, illness or disability. It was during a study abroad experience in Costa Rica where  Robin realized  that regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic background that there were people around the world  who could benefit from rehabilitation, however, had little or no access to the services. Being Liberian-American, Robin had a keen interest in the availability of rehabilitation services in West Africa. Her interest prompted her to complete service projects in Haiti, Liberia and Ghana.  GoTHERAPY was birthed to be a platform to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities and disrupt the delivery of rehabilitation services in low to middle resource countries. 

Mr. Gaskins is an occupational therapist with over seven years of experience and a certified stroke rehabilitation specialist.  His unyielding interest in international rehabilitation and desire to positively impact underserved communities led him to GoTHERAPY. Christopher currently serves as co-founder and program director. Christopher’s clinical experience as an occupational therapist, non-profit organization experience and passion to serve underserved international communities will contribute greatly to GoTHERAPY’s mission.

Mr. Haynes is an occupational therapist with vast experience serving children and adults with neurological disorders. Willie is a selfless leader with a heart for service and a commitment to uplifting underserved communities locally and abroad. He has organized numerous successful and impactful community outreach events in his local community and the Dominican Republic. Willie uses his extensive experience and expertise in his role as Program Manager of GoTHERAPY.